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Seasonal Mass Timetable 2020

Weekend Masses
Mass times
Vigil 5pm 
Sunday: 7am   8:30am   10:00am
Church building is open - maximum of 100 persons
Please sign in and consider wearing a mask
Daily Masses
Church building is open
Maximum of 100 persons
Please sign in and consider wearing a mask
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30am
Friday 9am (streamed live) via:
Saturday 9am
Adoration N/A
Weekday masses are also streamed live:
Monday - Friday from St Patricks Parish, East Gosford
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Reconciliation (Confession)
Reconciliation will be available after Saturday morning mass
or by appointment
Rosary - temporarily suspended 

Legion of Mary/ Cenacle - temporarily suspended

Children’s Liturgy - temporarily suspended 



Fatima Pilgrammage

Amazing evening at the vigil (Oct 13th) - we had the Rosary with over 300 000 pilgrims then Mass - we were there till nearly 1 am and then up at 6,45 to be there for the 10 am Mass and celebration , it is so hard to put into words this feeling of faith ! Over 8 millions have passed through Fatima since May 13th ! Faith is alive and well ! The candles gave the feeling if we all just carry our own light of faith now matter how small we are a light in the darkness and when when we come together with this faith we are  powerful beyond our understanding love and prayers are with our Parish and School community ! We are off to Poland on Sunday 
Love Janette on behalf of Fr Jacek and fellow pilgrims ! 

We had dinner last night and thought of you all on fete day !! Our trip continues to be beautiful ! Went to the village where the little saints having a and Francisco lived ! Also went into Lucia's  house ! We met her 98 year old cousin from the village ! A few photos from there - plus we went back to Fatima and had Mass in one of the chapels there

A great picture of Frances J and Phil at Anne's church. We had a private Mass where Gemma led music and our own St Anne read in this beautiful church!  Next we visited the st Maxamillian  Kolbe's monastery -very moving.